September 14, 2018

Vertical Refrigerator/Freezer

Two Door Vertical

Preserving of perishable food for longer time with maximum space inside and minimum floor space outside having inner & outer body of stainless steel with puff insulation, noiseless hermetically sealed compressor unit. Available in 2, 4 & 6 doors with self lockable mechanism.

*Refrigerators : Available with Static cooling or Forced drafting cooling ( Temp: +2 to +10 deg. C)

*Freezers: Available with static cooling. ( Temp: -15 to -22 deg. C)

Available capacity: 500 ltrs/ 1000ltrs/1500 ltrs.

Item Code Description Capacity Dimension
SCI.401 Refrigerator with static cooling 500ltr 650x825x2050
SCI.402 1000 ltr 1300x825x2050
SCI.403 1500 ltr
Refrigerator with Force draft cooling
SCI.404 500ltr 685x838x2050
SCI.405 1000 ltr 1380x780x2050
SCI.406 1500 ltr 2100x800x2000
Freezer with static cooling
SCI.407 500ltr 675x840x2050
SCI.408 1000 ltr 1400x840x2050
SCI.409 1500 ltr 2100x825x2050