May 15, 2018

Cooking Equipments



Indian Range__________________________________________


Single Burner Cooking Range (Stock Burner)

Two Burner Indian range

Three Burner Indian Cooking Range

Four Burner without oven

Four Burner with Below oven



Chinese Range______________________________________


Single Burner Chinese Cooking Range

Double Burner Chinese Cooking Range

Three Burner Chinese Cooking Range



Bulk Cooking_______________________________________


Bulk Cooker

Steam Jacketed Vessel

Tilting Boiling Pan (Gas)

Tilting Boiling Pan (Electrical)

Tilting Bratt Pan (Gas)

Tilting Bratt Pan (Electrical)



Griddle Plates______________________________________


Chapatti Plate Puffer

Smooth Griddle Plate (Dosa Plate)

Grill Plate Half smooth and Half ribbed

Griddle Plate Full Groove





SS Body Charcoal Tandoor

SS Body Gas Tandoor





Single Deck Steamer (Electrical)

Single Deck Steamer (Gas)

Double Deck Steamer (Electrical)

Double Deck Steamer with Boiler Plant





Kadai Fryer (Bulk Fryer)

Single Chamber Deep Fat Fryer (Gas)

Double Chamber Deep Fat Fryer (Gas)

Single Chamber Deep Fat Fryer (Electric)

DoubleDeep Fat Frayer (Electric)

Table Top Deep Fat Fryer

Oven & Grillers_____________________________________

Single Deck Sandwich Griller

Double Deck Sandwich Griller

Pizza Oven


Single Deck Backing Oven

Double Deck Backing Oven





Water Boiler

Milk Boiler