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Under Counter Refrigerator/Freezer

Under Counter Refrigerator/Freezer


  • Gastronome size model to provide storage facility combined with operational utility.
  • Complete in stainless steel with puff insulation, noiseless hermetically sealed compressor unit.


Technical Info:


Item CodeDescriptionCapacityDimension
SCI.410Freezer with static cooling200 ltr1280x660x850
SCI.411300 ltr1700x660x850
SCI.412400 ltr2285x660x850
SCI.413500 ltr2775x660x850


Item CodeDescriptionCapacity Dimension
SCI.414Refrigerator with static cooling200 ltr1280x675x863
SCI.415300 ltr1750x675x863
SCI.416400 ltr2285x660x850
SCI.417500 ltr2775x660x850


Item CodeDescriptionCapacity Dimension
SCI.418Refrigerator with force draft cooling200 ltr1380x675x863
SCI.419300 ltr1860x675x863
SCI.420400 ltr2285x675x850
SCI.421500 ltr2775x675x850