Counter Top Deep Fryer Double tank & Basket premium 6 ltr

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Electric Counter Top Deep Fryer Double tank & Basket - Premium

Dimensions: 265 x 425 x 280 mm

Capacity : 6 ltr + 6 ltr

Power Consumption: 2.5 kw + 2.5 kw

Voltage: 230v/50hz

Material Specification : Outer body- Made of SS 304

Tank- SS 304 Size (1/3 X 150 mm)with min & max sign

Lid- Available with front cut

Basket-Available in SS 304

A deep fat fryer is a fun tool to have in the kitchen. Deep fat fryr can be used to cook foods such as fried chicken, French fries, and potato chips. The process involves submerging a food in extremely hot oil until it reaches a safe minimum internal temperature.

How To Use:
  • You place the basket in the fryer. There should be a place to set the handle when the basket is in the oil.
  • Fry basket handles have a piece of metal that you slide away from the basket so that the handle may be squeezed to fit into the metal tabs on the basket. After fitting the handle into the metal tabs, slide the metal piece towards the basket to secure the handle so that the handle does not release during use.
  • Don't put any oil over the heating element. You can cause a fire.

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