Tilting Boiling Pan (Indirect Heating)


Insulated Lid

Insulated & Counter Balance Lid reduces energy consumption to keep food warm compared with an open Lid

Cooking Surface

The Kettle is suitable to boil, saute, poach or steam all kind of produce

Indirect Heating System

Advance Technology Indirect Heating System with steam at a working pressure of 1.5 bar.

Heating up time

The heating up time is automatically reduced up to 35% in comparison with other boiling pan at 0.5 bar

Uniform Heat Distribution

Advance Technology Indirect Heating System with steam at a working pressure of 1.5 bar.

Motorized Pan Titling

The pan can be tilted at a variable speed over 90° to facilitate pouring and cleaning operations

Offset Tilting

Offset tilting axle for convenient pouring height and also keep pouring path short

Automatic de-aeration system

Automatic de-aeration system with the closed indirect system where is no need of water refilling in the double jacket.

Electronic Microprocessor

Control with digital display consent pre-selection of cooking temperature (from 50°C to 105°C ) time and start time ensure adherence to the pre-programmed cooking process

The Food Sensor

Placed at the bottom of the vessel which provides efficient temperature control (no overcooking) the power is supplied as & when required to keep the set temperature value without exceeding it.

A HOLD Setting

To hold the setting to maintain boiled food at a required temperature in order to avoid overheating.

Error Display

Error Display for quick trouble-shooting.

Safety Valve

Avoids over pressure of the steam in the double jacket.

Safety Thermostat

Protects against low water levels.

Electric Version

Electric heating elements are directly in contact with the water of the jacket the heat losses are very low and the efficiency of the pan is accordingly high.

Gas Version

Robust burner with electronic ignition and monitoring For Safer operation (LPG/PNG).

Tilting Boiling Pan (Gas))

Double lined Insulated Lid

Tilting Boiling Pan (Gas))

Double Jacked in AISI 304 10-gauge

Tilting Boiling Pan (Gas))

Safety Valve Pre-set at 1.7 Bar

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Panel for All Controls

MAESTROO - Advance Boiling Pan

MAESTROO Boiling Pan with an Indirect heating system assures equal heat distribution throughout the vessel and provides flexibility in batch cooking. Allows pre-selection of cooking temperature from 50 ℃ to 105 ℃, easily operated by user-friendly digital control panel.

Technical Data

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